The new SX mini range features the same striking color scheme, black rims, and graphics as the bigger SX models. The 50 & 65 SX models both feature the new-generation streamlined SX body-work. They also share the same bar-pad, front fender and ‘front number-board with integrated front brake hose-guide’ design concepts as the full sized SX bikes.

The new 65 SX is fitted with a newly designed cast aluminium swingarm and is no longer made from steel. Conceived using the latest in calculation and simulation software, the design and wall thickness have been optimised for minimum weight at optimum stiffness and precisely defined flexibility. Not only that, the MY16 bike features a new 2-compound chain guide similar to the full-size models, a new chain glider, a redesigned rear axle with new chain tensioners.

The KTM 65 & 85 SX both feature sophisticated exhaust valves, for smoother and more usable power down low while still having thrilling, race-winning performance higher up in the powerband.

Check out the amazing SX range on youtube:



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