About OSET Electric Trials Bikes

about OSET

OSET Electric Trials Bikes are totally non-intimidating, and built specifically for riders from 3 to 10 years old and beyond!

These bikes accelerate and climb better than almost any gasoline starter bikes. Very low weight. Low center of gravity. Smooth, linear power. Lots of instant torque. Incredible acceleration. Incredible hill climbing.

Each bike will have a fully adjustable speed dial, so the bikes can be dialed in by the responsible adult to a speed suited to the Child. This can be anywhere from zero to full speed. OSET's have real working suspension, set for Children's weights. Everything will be adjustable, from the speed, to the suspension, to the handlebar position.
The beauty of electric power is that it's completely clean, completely linear, and virtually silent.

At the same time, our little bikes will totally outrun a lot of 50cc bikes on acceleration, and will out-torque them on the hills.

Check out the amazing OSET range on Youtube:

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